Thursday, September 29, 2005

Heave, Hell or Dante

So you said ”Life´s a Divine Comedy” but you drove too much pain into this heart of me
One shot of glory killed the integrity I had and turned it into lies and a tragic way of livin´
Your sweet bed was a cloud, and the pictures of you were like the wings of the angels winding my heart
But now the flames have turned everything into ashes and I creep across the lost simmetry of this land

No one could save us from the killing ...from the living

Sometimes I feel I got to run away, I got to get away from the pain you drove into my veins
The love we shared seemed to go nowhere, I think I´ve lost my lights, I feel I´ve lost mi sight and then
I´m gonna wake up and end up this life, erase all of these lies, be nice and clean my mind
The first thing I´m gonna do is to start a fight, to wake me up, to kick your ass

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