Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last gig in Jerez

It happened last friday july 3rd, in a small pub called Audrey Rock, in Jerez (Cadiz, although most of people there thing that they are the capital of Cadiz, the capital of Cadiz is Cadiz). After three hours of traffic jam in the highway, we finally arrived to that place where we discovered that we were about to open the three bands show. But that not was the main problem. The real shit started when we started to play and the sound of my guitar began to "come and go", without having no idea about what the fuck was happening. So we had to stop our concert without finishing our set-list. I went back home tryin´ to understand. The morning after, I checked all the cables, pedals and other gadgets I used, and as usual, everything ruled OK.
I´ll never forget that concert, because from the moment we arrived, I didn´t want to play there, and maybe that´s the reason why the gods of metal were not with me that night...

(thanks fot the photo, xmonox).

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