Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy when it rains

Long time ago, maybe twenty years (yeah!), I discovered this song from a band I didn´t know. I saw the video on the tv, when you could find programs like "Plastic", and alternative bands had a nice place to show their feelings to the young people in our old-fashioned country. Now it´s almost impossible to hear or see anything decent on tv, where shit camps free.

Anyway, today we´ve got the Internet, and alternative music has a messy place to stay. Here you´ve got the video, live in Oslo (2007)
This is how I´ve felt today, two hours ago when I was in french class and I could see the rain fallin´ in the evening... over the courtyard of the high school I studied long ago... I has been like a love letter in the clearness and purity of the early years...

And here you´ve got the lyrics...enjoy poetry

The Jesus and Mary Chain
Happy when it rains
Step back and watch the sweet thing
Breaking everything she sees
She can take my darkest feeling
Tear it up till Im on me knees
Plug into her electric cool
Where things bend and break
And shake to the rule
Talking fast couldnt tell me something
I would shed my skin for you
Talking fast on the edge of nothing
I would break my back for you
Dont know why, dont know why
Things vaporise and rise to the sky
And we tried so hard
And we looked so good
And we lived our lives in black
But something about you felt like pain
You were my sunny day rain
You were the clouds in the sky
You were the darkest sky
But your lips spoke gold and honey
Thats why Im happy when it rains
Im happy when it pours
Looking at me enjoying something
That feels like feels like pain
To my brain
And if I tell you something
You take me back to nothing
Im on the edge of something
You take me back
And Im happy when it rains

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BLN said...

Alejé la realidad
alzé el vuelo sin motor
todo el mundo a mis pies
parecen hormigas
y lo hice sin piedad
y lo hice sin razón
todo queda atrás
neuronas que flotan.
Deformar la realidad
en vuelo crepuscular
todo el mundo a mis pies
se ve tan pequeño
y lo hice sin razón
ese cable se soltó
todo el mundo a mis pies
apenas te veo...