Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fallen leaves. Show us your cemetery

Don´t tell me. Tell it to my ghost in the back of someone else´s car, where my nuckles have turned to white.
Kiss me one last time, cosmonaut.

Instit qui pensait qu´un bougnoule n´était pas fait pour l´école
Je veux revenir à Marseille!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J´ai besoin de revenir à Marseille!!!!!

Left my soul beside my friend´s
I feel it, I belong to another kind of life
Maybe I wasn´t there, and it´s just a dream
That´s because I´m creeping to death

Please, somebody check my brain!!
Check it! !!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheeeeeeck iiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!

Please, Jerry, sell me out!!
Please, Steve, sell me out!!
Please, Kirk, sell me out!!
Please, Adrian, sell me out!!
Please, Joe, sell me out!!
Please, Slash, sell me out!!
Please, Alex, sell me out!!
Please, Randy, sell me out!!
Please, Alexi, sell me out!!
Please, all the rest, sell me out!!
There´s a hell, believe me!!!
Scream aim fire and sell me out!!
This is the last time. For all the reasons, I´ll sell my flesh and blood.
Kill all the presidents acting like a wave and sell me out, and hold back the day, with a black bubblegum ready to explode. It´s what you´re dying to feel.
I know everything.
Please, bleed de fifth to the threshold.
Wait and bleed. Turn her over. I´m emasculated. I´m a zombie eater crucified for no sins.
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Take this life.
Don´t believe a mask, it adapts to any lie. Descend the ashes of the night.
... and show me the cemetery gates...

Next life, when I grow up, I´m gonna be a rockandroll star,
but before I need to arrange something with Mr. Crowley before I forget.
I´ve felt the hate rise up in me under the black hole sun of he rib dancer.
A darkness in the light will take me to the hospital.
But I´m not Jesus and it´s dangerous business, and a trigger full of promises must be the symphony of destruction...
.... like fallen leaves.


Anonymous said...

Por favor escribe en castellano tuu sister an girlfrind!

Anonymous said...

I really liked that.