Monday, May 23, 2011

Risk of shock! Next discharge in Seville

Next saturday 28 May in Seville, Mutant Sperm Quartet will share the billing with another four hard core band from different places: The Bad Bloods (Madrid), The New Bloods (Portugal), Con Convicción (Seville) and Let´s Throw It (Seville). I believe The Mutant´s will play third, and I´m sure
it´s gonna be a great night for hard core in all its ways.

Mutant Sperm Quartet will take advantage to present the new EP "The swell pubic hair trimmer", five songs full of love and hate and a cover of "Spin the black circle", by Pearl Jam. This new work has been recorded and remastered by our friend J.J. to whom all band members want to express our gratitude.

If you want be between the chosen ones who listen this new EP for the first time, live, on stage, raw and uncensored, come with us to Fanatic Club - Seville next saturday, and we promise you won´t regret!!

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