Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family values

That´s it. Family. Grandfather. The best of all. The greatest. After a whole afternoon and evening with mum and dad, listenin´ to Slipknot´s Surfacing, it´s time to sit for  a while and think for a few minutes about the origins of simmetry. We all are human, nevermind who you are. Cannot stand. No one stands. Thanks for your smile, thanks for your love. Thanks for your endless nights, thanks for your sleepless nights. Hope you´ll find some peace of mind, and all your mistakes forgiven, and yout prayers listened.

I love you with all my heart.
I hope you´ll always be with me.
I beg someday you´ll understand me.
I guess you all survive to all this shit, like an endless drum solo.
Memories will never die on my own.
Clouds will never rain if I´m with you.

Guess who he is? He never wanted to be a lord. And I´m sure he never wanted to be a master, but he had to live his life in a world that didn´t know about feelings, just work, production, weld metal and silence.
Thanks a lot, Joaquín de Alba, beloved friend, for the photograh. I´ll take it as mine, and I´ll never forget it. Today I´ve talk to Pepe Lora (not the ceramist but his uncle, Pepe, the one and only) and he has told me about my grandfahter, the one who worked endless days and nights in Carmona´s workshop, the one who helped poor people, the one who cared about his family, the greates, the smallest, the cleverest.
I hope someday I´ll be with you again, without prejudices, and we´ll talk about how stupid people can be, and how high can true people fly in a world without any sense. Singin´ Christmas carols, playing cards, talking about the war and how hard it was, talking about policy and famine, about concentration camps and the snow, about winter, about the hammer and the anvil.

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