Saturday, November 03, 2012

Nessun dorma

As summer passed away, it´s time to think, time to start again, time to rest. This year, things have gone further than ever... It´s been a long long summer. One day trips to the beach, some MSQ gigs with almost no public at all (bad times for music, I guess), the longest journey in my whole life until now, and the lost of the oldest family member: grandma.

I´ll miss her forever. She will always live in my heart, singing and talking about Seville and the old times she lived. Smiling and telling us stories about her childhood. I´ll miss her kisses, her smell, her voice... It´s been so hard to see how she´s gone. It´s been very sad to see how the whole family has broke down in tears on a endless wednesday. I hope she´ll find the place she has been waiting for years, and I hope I´ll be with her one day. Sometimes I dream I go to that place and feel the warmness of my four grandparents gathered in a place with no pain, on an endless smile and eternal joy.

I never liked october. It´s in the middle of nowhere, between the light and the darkness, between the hot and the cold, between the sunshine and the rain. Today it´s rainy, and I feel a bit better, watching things with a little of distance, and trying to stand up and keep on going where the winds will take me.

Bahía de Jade - Akumal
Things are not easy at all now. These are hard times for most people around me and no one can see the end of this hopeless situation. No one can see an easy way out, and it´s so easy to be swept away by the overwhelming negativity. Maybe that´s why I love to remember the big turtles in Akumal swimming to the surface of the sea to take a breath... and dive in the sea again...with their lonelyness and calmness, with their dozens of years over the shell and the fragility of something very special and innocent.

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