Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do what they say:  The seven deadly sins around me

Again, that´s it. Just do what they say. It´s nothing new. I feel like an idiot in a jungle full of hate, fountains of envy, round faces filled up with glutony, the lust of the vulgar displays of power... and heavy tons of pride that make impossible for them to see beyond their corrupted eyes. And like Allende, tomorrow I will face another day..with my helmet and my loneliness. No passion at all. No illussion. Just wait for another day to come...and another...and another. Music is again my only shelter: Korn, Slipknot, Devildriver, Machine Head... I say prayer every morning to the Gods of Metal for a better life. It´s supposed to be an evolution, but I´m not sure about what kind of progress is this. I think it sounds more like things going to shit, all being screwed up, everything is more difficult every day, I feel like a snail crawling in an garden full of hungry dogs. Not sure about what am I doing here. Maybe you´ve got answers... if so, please call 1-800-alonmaiden ....still waiting...

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