Thursday, March 13, 2008

Architect of Fear

Well, that´s Adolf Loos. Someone who dared to set the rules about "how to build mountains". I´ve never heard about him before, because I´m not an architect, i´m just an amateur desktop designer, with no experience or skills. A friend of mine told me yesterday that he was going to work in an art exposition next Easter, in some kind of an Architects School, in Cordoba. Loos built a lot of interesting buildings, and it seems he´s known as one the fathers of modern architecture. He encouraged people not to ornate and take care with the decoration. I believe people should be like this: simple, clear, transparent...but every day we dress ourselves with stupid disguises and grotesque hats in order to look the people we´re not. Nobody is as good (nor as bad) as it seems, and of course, no one can help the other. A very strange situation. Maybe we´re like cities. Baroque buildings with a profusive decoration just to stand in a competition of architecture, tryin´ to be higher than the house next to us, tryin´ to show our closed windows with thick and clean mirrors. Wonderful doors inviting to ring the bell with a "beware of the dog" on the grass.

Reject gothic archs. Avoid high roofs. Build the best you can.

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