Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A small spark vs a great forest

One month after his birth, he loves tv. He stares watching tv, the colours, the lights... he follows the movements of the people in there with his small eyes, without noticing we´re beside him, watching at him, smiling, imagining what can he be thinking in his little eternal mind, without having any idea about what does he really see. And what are his dreams when he wakes up upset in the middle of the night, seeking my sister´s kiss, or his father´s voice? I would like to see through his eyes, but I can only try to stay beside him, and hold him in my arms, strongly but carefully, trying to keep the back of his little head in my right hand, and feeling his heatbeats like a drum against my chest. I think this is the best feeling I´ve had in the last years. It´s pure... authentic... clean... great...warm...

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