Monday, October 06, 2008

Unemployment strikes again

Sad but true. Unemployment strikes my village, my province, my country... It´s everywhere. It´s like a disease... like a plague... I feel happy to have a job with a minimum of safety, but it´s a big problem for too many families. I met some of them everyday, and I don´t know how can they manage to pay... But I´m sure it´s very hard for them to live another day, even when there´s no hope near, and the horizon is painted in black for the next few months.
I would like to do something to help solving this. I would like to help people to find a job, or to create jobs for them... but as Axel said: I´m a small town white boy just tryin´ to make ends meet. Maybe one day I´ll be an honest man, and then, I´ll be able to do great things for my community, and we all will live in a future world, a world full of love. 

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