Wednesday, March 17, 2010

E.S.T. will live in our hearts forever

Today I can´t erase from my mind this song. I discovered it a few years ago, I still can remember. It was a sleepless night, in the middle of the week, in summer... a very hot summer night, as usual, in the city of orange blossom, and as most of summers, I dreamt of taking holidays in july and going in pilgrimage to Vitoria-Gasteiz, for its famous jazz festival. But as always, I rest at home and I watch it on tv, late at night.

When I saw these three guys playing "Tuesday Wonderland", I considered myself again one of the luckiest people in the world, because I could feel that nervous shivering in my belly, which is the only thing that makes me feel a bit special, from time to time.
I searched their music, and I´ve enjoyed it a lot since then. And when Esbjörn Svensson died in a scuba accident on june 2008 in strange circumstances, I felt very sad because the Art lost one of the best piano players ever. Maybe Esbjörn was not a virtuoso player, but he had a very creative mind, he could compose the freshest jazz of the moment, and his hands had the magical touch of the greats.
I´m sure tonight he is playin´ standards and drinkin´ with Coltrane and Davis.

Missing you a lot.

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