Friday, December 04, 2009

Spanish government vs the Internet freedom

Spanish government wants to stop illegal downloads just setting filters and doing other things in order to protect the rights of the authors. Well, most of spaniards who use the Internet daily are against this, and of course, me too. I think that the Web is free, and must remain free, and freedom means that there are things that you may like and many other who not, so if we start putting holes in freedom, in a few years censorship will be the queen in our screens.
As you know, I play music, and when we record our songs, we load them in our website and everybody can download it for free. Global music market is changing, and instead of forbidding our rights, they should think new ideas and try to find solutions adapted to the 21st. Century.
But now, all we can do is to protest and defend our rights, we must be unite and fight a system that tries to promote the richness of a minority, while most of us are trying to access to a culture which every day is more and more expensive.

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