Monday, November 08, 2010

A tribute to the word

I discovered printing workshops when I was a child, because there were some of them in my village (at least four, if I remember right). I still can hear the mechanic sound generated by changing pieces of paper and the ink constantly pumped, under the watchful eye of the operator. Many years ago I started publishing some touristic leaflets and brochures, and I approached closely to the magic of this process, whose smell you never can take out from your nose once you´ve visited the printing works.
Today I´ve found this photograph, because someone who really loves the typecasting machine is making a movie called "Lynotipe: the Film", in a way to express a tribute to the word, the handmade craftwork, and all the professionals who spend their lives gazing at this fascinating machine.
For all about to print... we salute you!!

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