Monday, February 07, 2011

I still got the blues for you

Gary Moore died yesterday, in Estepona (Málaga), and I feel very sad. I think guitar world has lost one of the best players ever. I still remember when I listened to him for the first time. I was thirteen, and I was on a bus to Torremolinos with at least forty guys like me screaming because this was the end of the school trip, and somebody bought a cassette of Mr. Moore in a petrol station. That was the year of the releasing of Wild Frontier, and when I came back home, I ordered my vinyl copy. For me, Gary Moore has always been one of the metal guitar players I used to listen when I was young: Over the hills and far away, Wild Frontier, Friday on my mind, The Loner, After the war… These are songs I´ll always associate to the afternoons in my bedroom, regarding at the posters on the wall, how they stared at me, and how they made me believe in a better world full of rock.

Blues came later, with Still got the blues. I must say that at the beginning I didn´t agree with the idea, but when I listened to the bendings and the slides of the higher strings on the Les Paul and that dramatic sustain, I surrendered. I was one of the lucky people who could see him on stage in Córdoba, in 2008. I saw him a little bit upset, but his sound filled the air of that magic summer night in the theatre of La Axerquía, and made our souls fly.

Gary: I´ll always remember you with all my love. A great musician far away from the special effects, with a face full of sadness and a heart full of tenderness. Maybe someday I´ll be able to play Parisienne Walkways with you wherever you are, until then, your memory will be alive between us on every blues concert, on every guitar riff, on every bended string.

Thanks a lot.

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