Friday, August 26, 2011

The blackout of the electric eye

Another summer goes by, and it´s time to choose the song that has been the most important during this last period of my life. The notes that have been revolving my soul time after time... a magic mixture made with a bit of metal, an ounce of jazz and a large amount of feeling. After the discovering of Alex Skolnick by the hand of my friend and guitar player Alberto, I realised that a good song can be played in many other ways, and that´s the case of Judas Priest´s Electric Eye, Scorpion´s Blackout and Metallica´s Fade to Black. I recently bought a three dvd´s box titled "Jazz Guitar", edited by Rockhouse Method, where Trans Siberian Orchestra and Testament´s guitar player explains the paths from blues to jazz, giving the lessons a nasty shiny tone of metal (at this moment I´ve just finished the first DVD and started the second one), and I´m enjoying a lot imagining myself playing with another two guys in the House of Blues midnight jam session.
I´m sure it´s not another symptom of adultitis (, but a question of open-mindedness. As Judas Priest leave the stages and Metallica launches a record with Lou Reed, maybe it´s time to explore new sounds. Maybe I should explore new things in my life too, but until then, the same old song repeats on the juke box over and over again...

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