Saturday, September 03, 2011

Reise reise, seemann reise

Adriano III sank last week because of a rock that suddenly appeared on its way. After almost 30 years covering the line between Cadiz and El Puerto de Santa Maria, El Vaporcito did its last journey with 80 passengers on board.
Last June, I could do my own trip between these two charming andalusian cities, breathing the breeze which emerged from the bottom of the sea, on a sunny summer morning, with my brother and my girlfriend, sitting on the rusty bow of the ship and remembering the first time we did the same thing.

This happened when we were about five or eight years old, and my brother got lost on the beach. I can still remember the worried faces of my parents and their friends, searching for my brother with anxiety, running from one side to the other. At last, the small rascal appeared taken by the hand of a young couple, and telling everybody that he was born in Spain and that it seemed that my parents had been lost. Those were happy days, trying to have fun and living a lot of experiences, dealing with some money problems that my parents always solved with love and imagination.

I hope the city hall of Cadiz will try to repair this emblem for all the people who live next to Cadiz bay, and for all the ones who believe in a better world.

(photo taken by myself, during the trip I did last June, on Adriano III)

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