Friday, January 07, 2011

Sales days - tout à 99 francs

Tout est provisoire, l'amour, l'art, la planète terre, vous, moi, surtout moi.

You can hear these words at the beginning of 99 francs, one of the best movies I´ve discovered in 2010, when I read an article taken from the french course book during a dicussion about consumerism. The story tells the messy life of a french creative manager, he has everything many modern men can wish: independance, money, technology, trendy clothes...and the way of life many modern men can aspire to have: all night long parties, social recognition, business trips, jet lags, sex, drugs... after all, he realises that some things such as love, friendship and freedom are not fully compatible with this way of living.

But well, the movie has really touched my mind, and it has made me think about the attitude of some people, how they can get things just believing in themselves... are they really fearless?or it´s just a matter of self-confidence or self-esteem? I don´t know, but Octave is an absolute hero for me these days...maybe because I´m getting old...

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